Hup Soon Global Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore in March 2005 as a private limited company to acquire certain businesses from the Li & Fung Group that in turn, was acquired from Inchcape Plc in 1999.  with the ambition of becoming a leading regional marketer and distributor for industrial products.  The Company was set up These businesses comprise the marketing and distribution of automotive aftermarket products and industrial supplies in Thailand and Malaysia that operate under the Borneo Technical name and the assembly, marketing and distribution of agriculture tractors and engine transmissions in Thailand operating under the Anglo-Thai name.

The “Borneo Technical” and “Anglo-Thai” companies have a very long and established history and can trace their heritage respectively to The Borneo Company established in 1856 and the Anglo-Thai Corporation which commenced operations in 1947.

In April 2006, the HSGC Group expanded its industrial trading businesses by acquiring a substantial stake in United Motor Works (Siam), a company established in 1947 and a distributor of material handling and garage equipment in Thailand.

In April 2007, Hup Soon was listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange via the reverse takeover of Twinwood Engineering.

The history and development of the various Group companies can be traced as follow:

  • Founding of the Borneo Company:
    The genesis of Borneo Technical.
  • Anglo-Thai Motors Limited established in Thailand to distribute vehicles, trucks and tractors.
  • United Motor Works (Siam) Ltd ("UMWS") established in Thailand to distribute automotive aftermarket products.
  • Manufacturing of tractors under proprietary brand, Anglo-Thai begins.
  • Inchcape Plc acquires the Borneo Company.
  • Inchcape Plc acquires Anglo-Thai Corporation.
  • Kwikpart established to distribute fast moving automotive goods directly to installers in Malaysia.
  • Li & Fung (Distribution) Limited ("LFD") acquires Inchcape's Asian based trading business.
  • Factory Pro established to distribute industrial supplies in Thailand.
  • Hup Soon Global Pte Ltd formed and acquires some of LFD's industrial businesses.
  • United Motor Works (Siam) becomes an associated company.
  • Borid Energy established to provide battery commissioning and energy related solutions.
  • Lists on the SGX Catalist via the reverse take over of Twinwood Engineering.
    (Stock Quote:SGX - 5JY; Bloomberg - HSGC)
  • Name changes to Hup Soon Global Corporation Limited.
  • Acquires 30% stake in Nichiyu Asia Pte Ltd.
  • Acquires 30.5% stake in Yokohama Industries Berhad.
  • Acquires 100% of Sulfarid Technologies (M) Sdn Bhd.
  • Forms partnership with Chewathai Ltd to jointly redevelop the Group's property in downtown Bangkok.
  • Increases shareholding in Yokohama Industries Berhad to 60.3%, making it a subsidiary.
  • Borid energy sold to Yokohama Industries Berhad.
  • Enters Joint Venture Agreement with Bolder Technologies Pte Ltd to manufacture and trade thin metal film lead acid batteries and related battery products.
  • Joint Venture with AP Oil International Limited and forms Axel Oil Pte Ltd.